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Wow, I can tell you've really been working hard on this! I really love the story elements, they definitely make the game feel more immersive.

There's not much I can say that's hasn't already been said, but I will say that each new version of this game definitely surpasses the previous, which is really outstanding and I really look forward to seeing future versions. ^_^

Babusgames responds:

Thank you very much! So happy you liked it!

Absolutely outstanding work you've done here! I love how all the levels have unique patterns in which the orbs are arranged. It definitely makes it more challenging and fun.

The only thing I really have to say is about the sex scene with paya. I don't know if it's just on my end but I've noticed it lags a little bit and the resolution seems to have been a bit... compressed? (i don't know the best word to use here). All the other scenes, and the scense for the other characters seem to be fine, no lag or resolution issues, it just seems to be with paya's sex scene.

Other than that, This game looks and feels absolutely amazing, you've definitely exceeded my expectations! ^-^

Babusgames responds:

Aha! Indeed, it looks a bit compressed. It's a bug I'm currently looking into, actually. Hope I'll have it fixed for the next update.

Thank you a lot for your lovely review!

In terms of overall gameplay experience design I'd say this is very well done even if it isn't technically finished yet.

I actually really like the concept of the game as a whole, even without the zelda themed asthetic i think this game is really fun and interesting.

My only real critisism is that I feel it gets a bit too easy the more you play it. The upgrades from the shop, especially the bomb upgrade is a little bit overpowered. Even after only upgrading it a few times I was able to clear the entire grid within 30 seconds. Maybe I'm just too good at this but still.

I'm not sure what all you plan to do with this game, but If i may make a suggestion to perhaps potentially improve this game, it would be to gradually increase the difficulty as you progress beyond simply the number of orbs needed to complete the level.

For example, maybe increasing the size of the grid. Like at the first level start with a smaller grid, like a 4x5 instead of a 5x6 and as the levels progress increase the grid size by 1 row/column.

As for the unlockable scenes, i think it'd be a bit more rewarding if each one was locked behind multiple levels instead of just one. Like instead of only having to beat a single level to get the scene, you'd have to complete maybe 3 or 5.

Combining that with my first suggestion of increasing grid size, I'd sort of picture it as you start with a small grid and when you complete x amount of levels you're rewarded with the first scene. Then the grid increases in size and you complete the same amount of levels for the second scene, and so on.

Agian, these are all just how i think you can improve the game, maybe you already plan on doing this, maybe you don't plan on this at all.

But all that aside, I do love how you've developed this game. It's fun, creative, and hella addictive (i spent 3 whole hours playing this lol). And I really look forward to seeing what you do with it in the future.

(sorry if this seems a bit long)

Babusgames responds:

Well, it's funny because those were exactly my plans for future updates of this game! Instead of giving a scene every level, I'd like to add some dialogue skits as a reward until a given x number of levels are finished.

And yeah, seems like the bomb is too overpowered in comparison to the other upgrades. I'll have to figure how to balance that!

Thanks a lot for your awesome insight!

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